Bioregulatory Treatments

health building therapeutic policy

Each treatment is a new experience focused on boosting one's inner health resources, and on facilitating personal development as well. All bioregulatory treatments are process-oriented that is strengthening biological, structural, and psychological weaknesses. In short Bioregulatory treatment can be described as a treatment that integrates a work of a medical doctor, psychotherapist, osteopath. massage therapist, nutritionist, but all in one. It is a new step into modern medicine by integration and all-inclusive medical treatment that patient needs.
Part of the process is a full devotion to your therapeutic process, and willingness to accept personal responsibility for your health since the shift of consciousness is on the highest level of homeostasis control and changes of perception into health rather than the disease is an integral part of such process.


bioregulatory therapeutic process

As mentioned above Bioregulatory therapy is a therapeutic process lead by experienced physicians, who are qualified in psychotherapy and alternative and complementary medicine. The objective of initial bioregulatory treatment is to establish a personalized status of constitutional and acquired weakness, which defines the specificities of an oncoming treatment protocol.
This process will be looking into layers of homeostasis control, your basic nutritional or detoxifying requirement by balancing your chemical needs.
The treatment will be structured as a protocol, which means that in the following treatments any obstacle of psychoemotional aspect will be dealt with and added to the above protocol. Usually, we balance thereafter higher systems such as hormonal by supporting exhausted hormonal axis along with the protocol creation. That may also involve supporting your neurotransmitters that may create signs of blues or depression. Since your osteo muscular structure is invariably involved, we shall be also adjusting any muscular or vertebral blockages, particularly in your spine since all vital nerves of autonomic nature run along such blocked pathways, creat
ing a neurological homeostatic imbalance in internal organs.


frequency and cost of bioregulatory treatments

The average time span between two regenerative treatments is one week, while most preventative treatments are given on a fortnightly or monthly basis.
The consultation lasts an hour although it is often prolonged if needed. Initially, treatment is on a weekly basis but once your protocol is fully defined, you will be 'switched' to the preventative protocol that is usually on a monthly basis. You can also at this stage opt into online consultation, to ascertain protocol and provide advice and support on distance.
Before the initial treatment, you will be asked to fill in a comprehensive medical and confidential questionnaire that will provide basic medical information. The form is online and easy to fill in by checking boxes' answers in a given choice of symptoms and pressing the send button once you complete the survey so no need to print or attach a file. You can view this form on the link here.
Each bioregulatory treatment lasts 60 minutes.


guidelines for receiving bioregulatory treatments

All Biomedic treatments are based on your active participation during and in between therapeutic sessions. Trust, honesty, commitment, and willingness to accept personal responsibility for your health are essential for successful Biomedic therapy... please read more before your first appointment.

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